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NeuraCache + Evernote : Fundamentals

Guides :

Spaced Repetition Algorithms
How to import Kindle Highlights
How to add Spaced Repetition to Evernote
How to Read (and Remember) Insights from Articles using Web Clipper
How to Review Notes & Highlights as Deck with Flashcards
How to Generate wallpapers from Evernote Highlights / Quotes / Notes

Troubleshooting :

Issue :
Can't connect with Evernote using my Gmail account

Solution :
Sadly logging in with Gmail is not working with Evernote SDK.
Use username (or email) and password.
If you don't have a password, go to evernote.com and click "Sign In" then click on "forgot my password." See how.
You should receive a link to your email where you can set up a ew password and use it to connect NeuraCache.