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Why NeuraCache?
How NeuraCache works - theory
Spaced Repetition Algorithms

Videos :

NeuraCache + Evernote : Fundamentals

Guides :

How to import Kindle Highlights
How to Review Kindle Highlights as Flashcards
How to add Spaced Repetition to Evernote
How to Read (and Remember) Insights from Articles using Web Clipper
How to Review Notes & Highlights as Deck with Flashcards
How to Generate wallpapers from Evernote Highlights / Quotes / Notes

Troubleshooting :

Issue :
Can't connect with Evernote using my Gmail account

Solution :
Sadly logging in with Gmail is not working with Evernote SDK.
Use username (or email) and password.
If you don't have a password, go to evernote.com and click "Sign In" then click on "forgot my password." See how.
You should receive a link to your email where you can set up a ew password and use it to connect NeuraCache.