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Quick Cheat-Sheet ⚡️

API Sync

In the NeuraCache app, go-to sources, scroll down to Evernote, and tap Connect.

Enter your email/username and password.

Once you are connected, there are three ways to sync your notes.

  • Observe Notebooks
  • Observe Tags
  • using the "@" tag

The first two options are very straightforward. You tell NeuraCache which notebooks or tags you will use for Flashcards and Spaced Repetition Cards. NeuraCache will extract the cards and then observe the changes (efficiently, every few hours) in the background so that you don't have to do anything.

The "@" option allows you to sync notes which have the "@" tag (without a need to observe any notebook or other tag).

By default, NeuraCache will sync your Full Pages, but you can disable this behavior using the switch in the settings.

Known Issue: Cannot login with Google/Apple Sign-in

Unfortunately, you can only connect using email/username and password. If you don't have an email/username and password (because you've used Google or Apple sign-in), see this page 👇

How to obtain an Evernote password

Batch Flashcards

You can create multiple Flashcards inside of a single note.

Simple. Add a two-column table.

Insert Questions on the left — Answers on the right.

While syncing, if a note has a two-column table, flashcards will be extracted.


Batch Spaced Repetition Cards

You can create multiple Space Repetition cards inside of a single note.

Simple. Add a one-column table.

Insert any content you would like to appear on the card (text and images)

This is great for things that don't have a question (highlights, thoughts, ideas..)


Full Page Support

NeuraCache supports Evernote Full Pages.

This means that you can sync notes instantly via API Sync without creating two-column tables (not recommended — because your cards are unlikely to be atomic at this point).

By default, Your Notes will appear as Spaced Repetition cards (no question). You can turn them into Flashcards either by adding a question in the NeuraCache app or by switching on "Use Titles as Questions" in Settings.


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