Grouping Cards

Grouping Cards

You can group cards with two approaches:

  • by Notebook Place your notes in the same notebook.
  • by Tag Tag your notes with the same tag.

You can use both methods simultaneously (cards will be present in both decks).

In the steps below, we use the "by Tag" method.

STEP 1 : Create two notes with Flashcards

Use this tutorial:

Simple Deck of Flashcards

STEP 2 : Tag Notes with the same tag

You can tag the notes with as many tags as you like.

You need at least one common tag to group cards from two separate notes together.


STEP 3 : Sync and Review using "Study Tab"

On the "Study Tab" you should see your Evernote tags.

Select the desired tag, and study your cards.




Importing a Specific Note