Simple Deck of Flashcards

Simple Deck of Flashcards

STEP 1: Create a Note

Start Evernote and create a new Notebook. Let's call it "Flashcards".

Create a new Note.

Inside, let's create a two-column table with the following items.

(you can use text, images, etc. )


You can copy the note from here:

STEP 2 : Sync with NeuraCache (one-time setup)

  1. Go to the NeuraCache app Sources page
  2. Connect with Evernote (2) .
  3. Then tap "Select Notebooks to observe"
  4. (Alternatively, you could "Select Tags to observe")

  5. Choose "Flashcards".

Once the sync completes, you should see your cards in the notes tab 👌


STEP 3 : Review the deck

You can either review using "Today's Queue" (free) or using the "Study Tab" (premium).

That's it.

Hopefully, you can see the potential already.

Notice that you can have multiple two-column tables in-between the text.

This is great for making notes and creating Flashcards as you go.


You can create many cards scattered in various notes and notebooks.

If you prefer to watch a quick youtube video, see these: