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In computing, a Cache (/kæʃ/ kash) is an auxiliary memory from which high-speed retrieval is possible.

How can you retain forever what you learn?

Spaced Repetition (based on SM2 algorithm) will resurface notes based on how well you remember their contents. It might be tomorrow if you don't remember much or in 6 months if you could recall all of it. You can also use various predefined static patterns (like 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 days). Learn More


Turn your notes into Flashcards instantly

Try to answer the question about your note/highlight to strengthen neural connections in your brain significantly. Use easily accessible Study flow based on tags/books/notebooks to go through the whole deck in minutes. Learn More


Track your memory over time

You can always see your memory state and react with Quick Actions on your Dashboard. Use Priming Effect (wallpapers from notes on autopilot) to nudge yourself with valuable insights. Learn More

Jim James

NeuraCache is shaping the way we think about structuring easily-accessible (cached) graph of knowledge in our mind.

Marcin Czech - Founder of NeuraCache.

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