Our Advice on Creating Cards

  • Flashcards should be atomic
  • Atomic means as small as possible. Clear answer = move fast in the review.

    If you find yourself blocked during the review, ask yourself this:

    "How could this card be re-written? Can I split it into smaller cards?"

  • Spaced Repetition Cards don't need to be atomic
  • Flashcards are mainly used for memorization. Spaced Repetition cards (quotes, highlights, anything really) are versatile — reflection, prompts, generating ideas, etc. They don't need the atomicity level of the Flashcard, but as usual, a compact card is better.

  • Prioritize creating cards for the things you've learned
  • There is this famous quote by Einstein:

    "If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it."

    This is very true.

    Consider this version:

    "If you can't put it into a chain of atomic flashcards, you don't understand it"

  • Flashcards should not be orphaned. But it is ok if some are
  • The general advice is to generate multiple cards within the same context.

    This makes sense, as your mind generates more hooks, which then can pull a bigger context more easily.

  • Experiment
  • Only you know what works for you.


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