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Version 1.15 🚀

I am genuinely grateful for all the feedback I have received ❤️ Thank you!

If you see something that could be improved, please feel free to reach out via e-mail,
Reddit Community or Twitter, and I will take action.

Observe Evernote Tags 🏷

You can now observe tags instead of notebooks. Tags come handy in many situations, and are essential if you are using them to organize your notes. Screenshot

By default, all tags associated with your observed notes will be extracted (notes can have more tags than the ones you observe). You can hide not observed tags using the new switch. Screenshot

Redesigned Summary Screen 🏷

Brand new summary screen after review. Oh, and this little fellow is Neuro :) human neuron. Screenshot

Note Actions During Review 🎬

You can now perform various actions on your notes during the review flow. Screenshot

Note Actions On List 👈

You can now ignore/delete notes from the list by left-swiping on them. Screenshot
Note that if you edit deleted notes in Evernote, they will show up again.

Evernote Links

If you have Evernote links in your notes, they will now go directly to that note once tapped. Screenshot


🐞 Highlight Sync Issues
Highlights are now correctly extracted during the sync. Let me know if you see any issues.

🐞 Chart on Study Tab
There was a padding issue, causing chart bars to fly :) it's all fixed now.

🐞 Design and UX tweaks
Lots of small simplifications and improvements to user experience.