Syncing your Cards

Syncing your Cards

We’ve learned in Working with Images that there are three ways of importing your markdown cards.

  • “Import Markdown File” (with multi-select option)
  • “Import Markdown Folder”
  • “Selected Folder to Observe”

The most desired one is where your markdown files are on your phone, and NeuraCache can observe them via “Select Folder to Observe”.


In that scenario, NeuraCache observes the folder (+ subfolders) and traverses it every ~6 hours in the background to create new cards or update the existing ones. You can force the sync anytime via pull-down on the Cards list or use the "Sync" button.

To make the folder act as a single source of truth — make sure you enable "Single Source of Truth"setting

The only question that remains is how to ensure that there is an updated folder of your notes on your device.

There are numerous ways of getting your markdown files from your Desktop to your phone so NeuraCache can consume them.

Here are just some of them:

iCloud (iOS only)

Use any folder synced via iCloud to your iPhone — and observe it from NeuraCache.

Note that sometimes, the changes you make on the Desktop won’t make it to your iOS device immediately (due to how iOS thinks about what to sync between the devices).

To remedy this, we found that disabling “Optimize Mac Storage” helps a lot.

On your Mac, go to “System Preferences” → “Apple ID” and uncheck “Optimize Mac Storage”


If changes still don’t appear, try opening the app on iOS (Obsidian/Logseq) and navigate to the page. This should force the iCloud sync.

You can also try using the “Finder” app on your mac 👇

Open the "Finder" app on your mac and make sure there is no cloud icon (see gif below).

Once you open a finder app on a relevant folder, the sync happens automatically (see demo below).

If that doesn’t help — try opening the folder in the “Files” app on your iPhone


Google Drive

Currently works only with:

  • Import Markdown File

We are working on “Select folder to Observe” feature 👍


Currently works only with:

  • Import Markdown File

We are working on “Select folder to Observe” feature 👍

Obsidian Sync

See our page dedicated to Obsidian for more details 👌


We know that some of our users use

If you have a good solution to this challenge, do let us know 👍

That’s it


Which Editor you would like to use:

💜  Obsidian


🐻  Bear

or any other Markdown editor you 💜