Obsidian is one of our most used integrations 💜 Obsidian local first approach plays beautifully with NeuraCache, also local first. Obsidian solves some of the challenges introduced in Syncing your Cards with Obsidian Sync and iCloud vaults.

Everything that you’ve learned so far with NeuraCache Markdown applies to Obsidian 👍

Now, let’s look at our sync options:

Obsidian Sync

Obsidian Sync is a paid feature that keeps your vaults in sync between your devices.

You can learn more about the setup here

Once your vaults are syncing between the devices, the only thing that is left is to point NeuraCache at your synced vault 🙌  (see video below)


NeuraCache will scan your vault automatically in the background every ~6h.

You can also force the sync via “Sync Folder” button or Pull-Down the list on the “Cards” tab.

Obsidian iCloud Vault (iOS only)

This is a free alternative to Obsidian Sync for iOS.

Open Obsidian on your iPhone then:

  • Tap “Create New Vault”
  • Enable “Store in iCloud”

Now your vault is synced via iCloud. All you need to do is to point NeuraCache at this folder 👍  (as in Obsidian Sync)

That’s it

Thank you for sticking to the end 🙂

if you have any questions or feedback, let me know 👉 hello@idearoots.com or @marcin_czech

💜 🧠

Marcin, Founder of NeuraCache