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Version 2.4 🚀

I am genuinely grateful for all the feedback I have received ❤️ Thank you!

If you see something that could be improved, please feel free to reach out via e-mail, Reddit Community, or Twitter, and I will take action.

Roam Batch Import 👌

There is a new way of importing your flashcards and blocks for spaced repetition. I think the image says it all. Both approaches presented in the image below will give the same result.

Other changes

• Roam Default Spaced Repetition Tag is #spaced instead of [[@]]. You can always change it to something else from the settings.
• Roam: support for __ (italics)
• Markdown: import from local storage. Previously you could only import from Google Drive folders. Now it works with local folders also.
• Better breadcrumbs during the review. Now icons and tags are always visible. This gives a much better context about the card.
• Breadcrumbs are in the free tier now. Them being only in premium didn't feel right :)

Version 2.3 🚀

New Actions Menu and Skip Button

We have redesigned the actions menu. It is much more accessible now (you can reach it with your thumb!).

Inside of the new menu, you will find a Delete button. Delete helps in removing your unwanted cards quickly (like filtering synced tweets).

There is also a new skip button, which will take you to the next card, giving you an option to review skipped cards at the end.

Version 2.2 🚀

Markdown Files integration

Markdown File support opens up integration with a lot of great tools like Obsidian or Typora. Here is a quick walkthrough.

Version 2.1 🚀

OneNote integration refresh

We did a complete overhaul of OneNote integration. Very happy with the final result. It's fast and reliable from what we have seen. Significant improvement from the initial approach. Here is a video showing it in action. Let us know about any issues.

Version 2.0 🚀

Version 1.0 -> 2.0 bump

After 21 iterations of version 1.0, and in-depth exploration into tools for thought in the past year. I genuinely feel that NeuraCache deserves a bump to 2.0.

Also, my understanding of what is fundamental in the context of the first-second-first brain pipeline shifted reasonably during that time. NeuraCache will continue expanding its horizontal axis (more integrations) before diving into the vertical axis (features and innovating).

Thank you for your support! 🙌

Twitter Integration

Twitter is one of the largest underused MOOC resources. Think about users as your mentors and cut the noise by following the right people. Twitter incentivizes quality content + content is atomic by design. This fits perfectly as input for NeuraCache.

As always, I am looking for the most low-friction solutions. This is my take on Twitter integration. Screenshot

You can also "Skip Question" or just ❤️ various tweets on Twitter so that later you can "Sync Recently liked tweets" from NeuraCache.


Add Question Button

There is a new optional "Add Question" button that shows up when the current card is not a flashcard. This streamlines card creation, especially for tweets and Kindle highlights. Screenshot

Marcin ❤️🧠

Version 1.21 🚀

[Premium] Breadcrumbs and Four Buttons interface


You can now enable breadcrumbs during the review:
- tags (Evernote, Roam)
- notebook (Evernote)
- book (Kindle)
- section (Onenote)
will show up at the top of the card.
Breadcrumbs are now also visible in a standard note view.

There is also a new review interface - four buttons. The decision was made not to add 50% option, as this tends to become a skip button quickly :) The skip button will be added soon.


• Design tweaks

Version 1.20 🚀

Roam Research Improvements


• Image support 🖼

NeuraCache now recognizes images. You can add/nest as many as you like 👌

Version 1.19 🚀

Roam Research Improvements

Diving deeper into Roam Research and adding support for more things. There is still room for improvement, like Latex and query support. Stay tuned.

• updating flashcards/srs blocks properly when content gets updated (including indented children)
• customizable srs tag (instead of [[@]] you can use anything you want, like #srs)
• ((block)) support
• {{embed: ((block))}} support
• proper handling of multiple indented children
• styling for ** ^^ [[ #

You need to re-import your notes for those changes to take effect.

Evernote Improvements

There was a pretty significant bug. When you edited a note which had a two-column table or highlights, upon syncing the progress on your previous flashcards from that note was lost. It's all fixed now. Thanks for the feedback!

Version 1.18 🚀

Roam Research Integration

As soon as I tried Roam Research, I felt in love with it. It's no-structure, organic way of making notes makes it a perfect match for NeuraCache. Pure ❤️. I wanted to make creating Flashcards, and Spaced Repetition blocks as smooth and seamless as possible. Here is my take on this. More than happy to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Although there is no official API yet (will add as soon as this is available), it works exceptionally well via export/import.

Version 1.17 🚀

Observe Evernote Tags 🏷

You can now observe tags additionally to notebooks. Tags come handy in many situations and are essential if you are using them to organize your notes. Screenshot


🐞 Design and UX tweaks
🐞 Deleted Evernote notebooks no longer show up

Version 1.16 🚀

Redesigned Summary Screen

Brand new summary screen after review. Oh, and this little fellow is Neuro :) human neuron. Screenshot

Note Actions During Review 🎬

You can now perform various actions on your notes during the review flow. Screenshot

Study Chips and Sliders are Color-Coded 🎬

It's easier now to spot the state of your tags/notebooks. Screenshot


🐞 Highlight Sync Issues
Highlights are now correctly extracted during the sync. Let me know if you see any issues.

🐞 Fix "Ignore" flag
Notes which are ignored, are not included in queue or study

🐞 Design and UX tweaks
Lots of small simplifications and improvements to user experience.