Getting your Notion Token

Getting your Notion Token

STEP 1: Create a Notion Token

Go to as a logged-in Notion user

  1. Tap "New Integration"
  2. Name it "NeuraCache" (or anything you like)
  3. Choose a workspace for the integration
  4. NeuraCache only needs the “Read content” capability
    1. NeuraCache never updates/deletes your Notion content anyway.
    2. NeuraCache cannot yet read any of your content (even with "Read content" access). NeuraCache can only read pages/databases you explicitly share with it later.
  5. Choose “No user information” — NeuraCache doesn’t require an account anyway 😇
  6. Tap Create/Submit
  7. Choose “Internal Integration” (should be already selected)
  8. Copy the Token 👌
    1. tip: If you are on mobile, chances are the show/copy button is invisible — if that happens, rotate the phone for landscape mode.

STEP 2: Set the token in the NeuraCache app

  1. Install the NeuraCache app (iOS or Android)
  2. Launch the app and:
    1. tap the “Cards” tab
    2. tap “Sources” in the top right corner
    3. scroll down to “Notion Token”
    4. paste the token from STEP 1
    5. image

      We are all set 👌