Deck of Flashcards

Deck of Flashcards

STEP 1: Create a Page

Start Notion and create a new page. Let’s call it “NeuraCache Samples”.

Typically you would make a separate page for a book, article, or lecture 👍

STEP 2: Create flashcards

Now, let’s create a flashcard using a Notion toggle.

Create a toggle by starting with a “>” character.

That is the easiest way. You can also use "/" or "+" on mobile and find "Toggle List".

Put the question as the toggle and the answer as content under the toggle 👀 👇

  • The answer can have multiple blocks, images, lists, code blocks, and latex.

So real-life flashcards could look like this 👇  (tap on the > toggle to expand)

How to reset the latest commit as untracked?
git reset HEAD^
How many people die from snake bites annually?

Around 81 000 to 138 000 people die each year


Done. We have a flashcard 👍

Important: The toggles need to be at the top level of the page. They cannot be nested under other blocks — otherwise NeuraCache won’t be able to find them.

STEP 3: Connect your page to NeuraCache

Use this quick tutorial to connect you page 👉  How to Connect Page/Database

STEP 4: Observe the page from the NeuraCache app

Now that we have connected a page with the NeuraCache integration — let’s sync it from the NeuraCache app.

  1. Open the NeuraCache app
  2. Go to Notion Section and tap “Notion Pages”
  3. Search for the “NeuraCache Samples” page (or the name you used)
  4. Toggle “Sync” on
  5. Close the “Notion Pages” selector and tap “Sync” button

All Done 👌

You can review your cards using the "Today's Queue" or the "Decks" tab.

The cards will come back to you automatically using Spaced Repetition algorithm. NeuraCache will reflect changes (new/update/delete toggles) after the next sync.

See the video below 👀

  • Once you have synced the page — NeuraCache syncs changes every ~6 hours in the background.
  • You can always force the sync manually with the sync button or by pulling down the “Cards” tab. The cards will be added to your “Today’s Queue” automatically.


👉  Spaced Repetition Cards