Advanced Databases

Advanced Databases

Notion Pages are great because they allow you to use toggles, quotes and callouts (which are impossible in the database).

On the other hand, using Notion Databases allows you to group everything with Tags easily — this is very powerful 💪

What if we could combine these two?

Fortunately, NeuraCache offers a solution that binds the best of two worlds 👌 (Toggles/Quotes/Callouts + Tags)

The approach you will see here will work with many use cases, like:

  • reading books 📖
  • lectures/classes 🎓
  • video notes
  • article notes

STEP 1: Create a Database

Let’s say you are reading books, and you would like to internalize the key concepts 💪 🧠

Create a default database and leave it with the default two columns (Name and Tags).

Let’s name it “📚 My books”.

Now add a book and tag it.

The result should look something like this 👇


STEP 2: Open the page for a row

When you hover over the book name, a button “Open” will appear. Why? Because — In Notion, every database row is essentially a page 👍


Let’s tap on “Open”, a new page will appear on the side.

STEP 2: add your cards

On this page, you can add any notes you like for your book/lecture/article/etc.

And — create Toggle/Quote/Callout cards 👌

You can use everything you’ve learned about Flashcards and Spaced Repetition Cards on this page.

STEP 3: Sync database with NeuraCache

We do everything the same way we did in the previous tutorial about “Working with databases”.

With one difference.

When enabling the database “Sync”, we also should enable “Rows as pages” to inform NeuraCache — that our rows won’t contain flashcards — but pages that might contain cards.

So the whole process will look like this 👇


All Done 👌

Now your cards are synced and split via tags 👌

That’s it,

Thank you for sticking to the end 💜

Marcin @marcin_czech