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On both plans, No signup required, just start using 👌

  • Free / No Ads

  • Evernote / OneNote / Kindle integration
  • Unlimited Sync of Notes
  • Unlimited Spaced Repetition
  • All Spaced Repetition Algorithms (static and adaptive like SM2)
  • Recall Questions (Note Title, Custom, from Web Clipper)
  • Storing Retention for Each Note Locally
  • Highlight/Image Support
  • Wallpapers from notes
  • Dashboard with Memory State and Quick Actions
  • last 7 days chart
  • Today's Queue along with notification
  • Use Titles as Recall Questions Switch
  • Complete

  • $1.99 per month = ☕️/month
  • 30 Days Free Trial ❤️
  • Button UI during review
  • Study by Notebook/Tag/Book Flow
  • Priming (wallpapers from notes on autopilot, Android only)


How do I pay?
Everything happens safely through Google Play Store / App Store 👌 from within the app.
Can I change my plan at a later time?
You can easily cancel/resume anytime you want.
Do you read my notes?
We never read/analyse contents of your notes. They are safe on your device only (we don't store them on our servers). You can easily clean the app data from Settings anytime you want.
Can you mess up my Evernote account?
We do not have create/update permission to your Evernote account. We can only sync your notes in read-only mode to your device.
Contact us for any further questions at hello@idearoots.com.