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Why NeuraCache?

my name is Marcin, and I'm a life-long learner.

Since I can remember, I've been frustrated with the thought that most of the valuable insights we learn vanish from our memory within a month or two. I did make notes & highlights, but this digital storage doesn't matter within a current fast-paced world - where everyone skill is "just google it" when you need it.

Like everyone else, my digital note stacks kept growing. Buried in-between clipped articles and highlights were curated book takeaways that took many hours to read & organize — all that wisdom, sitting there, unused.

I've been pondering on this ineffectiveness for many years.

Now I'm older, and a bit smarter (I hope). I wish I knew back then in my 20s what I know now about learning and how our brain works.

People that will have the edge over everyone else in upcoming decades are the ones who will have the ability to learn and retain valuable insights directly in their brains. That will give them an unmatched speed of neurons when retrieving and mixing ideas on the spot. There is no software/hardware currently that gets even close to what your brain does in this context, and very few are taking advantage of this.

Imagine a world where all the insights you care about would continuously compound in your brain, giving you incredible superpowers in every discussion, every brainstorming session.

A simple observation which became a frustration. A frustration which became an unbearable pain with every new thing I learn and forget.
It had to stop.

This is why I've created NeuraCache - a cache for neurons.

A tool that facilitates the process of creating curated long-term memory which will give you superpowers 🧠

P.S - In computing, cache is a memory from which high-speed retrieval is possible

Founder of NeuraCache

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