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You read a book or article, you make notes & highlights, but in a few weeks you can't recall anything, sounds familiar? What about the great insights from the book you read last year? In the meantime, your notes stack keeps growing and growing

What if there would be a simple process of taking advantage of your brain’s ingrained memory systems to LOCK information into your long-term memory circuits and retain what you read and learn forever?

This is exactly what NeuraCache is for.

Whenever you feel like the content of your note is valuable or contains valuable insights - that you would like to put into your mind forever - add @ tag to it. Optionally you can highlight just parts of note (see below).

That's it!

If you prefer using notebooks just select few that NeuraCache will keep observing.

In the background, NeuraCache will sync notes & highlights and kick off Spaced Repetition, handsfree

When time comes, NeuraCache algorithms will ask you for initial review of the note/highlight - "How much you remember?"

Next Spaced Repetition step will be determined based on how much of it you can recall. It can be the same day or even in 6 months. You can always manually re-review the notes yourself from the app.

For truly powerful results - instead of just seeing the note - setup an Active Recall question (think of it as a flashcards/Anki for your notes & highlights) and try to answer the question before revealing and comparing what you remembered.

Quickly Review Decks of notes based on tags or notebooks.

Oh, did you notice cool wallpapers on previous videos? This is yet another feature of NeuraCache App. Priming Effect. Same thing that Ads are using to invade our minds - but this time it feeds your subconscious mind with good things.

Finally, train and measure your memory with a beautiful dashboard with quick actions!

Privacy of your notes is essential to us. We never analyze/read their contents. They are stored only on your phone 👍

No signup required, just start using 👌

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