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Evernote + NeuraCache — flashcard capturing flow example

Here is an example from my daily routine:


I've just opened an email (newsletter about marketing) and saw a piece of simple, actionable advice.
"Three ways to improve any bland email box" as in the image below.


Step 1: Decide

Make sure that there is a question/answer like structure for the information you want to remember. In this case, we need a small adjustment to the title.
Question: "What are the Three ways to improve any bland email box?"
Answer: In this case, it's an image. But that's fine since NeuraCache has image support built-in and we can use the WebClipper Screenshot option.

Step 2: Capture with Evernote WebClipper -> Screenshot


Step 3: Adjust Note Title to act as a Question

After adjusting the title, add any relevant tags, e.g., "marketing" in this example. Also, add a "@" tag, which will tell NeuraCache to import this note and start the Spaced Repetition algorithm.

Note: Another option to import notes to NeuraCache is to add it to a notebook that NeuraCache is already observing (no need for "@" then).


Step 4: Wait for Review

That's it - no need to open NeuraCache or Evernote. NeuraCache will pick up this note and resurface using the default spaced repetition algorithm the next day.

When the note shows up in the queue, try to think of the answer. Then show the answer, and record if you could recall the answer. NeuraCache based on this information will plan your next review date.


You can also quickly review whole decks of cards based on tag/notebook - e.g., all "marketing" cards to refresh all the great insights from this context.

You can just as easily use the web clipper on any website.
We just scratched the surface with what you can do with NeuraCache.

Founder of NeuraCache

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